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It’s hard to imagine that just a short while ago, you were wandering through life... full of fear, grief, and anxiety about the life you knew deep in your heart you were meant to live.

Luckily, you knew you deserved better.

You felt the call of the Universe, telling you it’s time to activate your power and step into your destiny.

From this moment on, your life will be profoundly different.

You’ll finally be at peace with yourself and the world, able to manifest calm and serenity whenever you need it.

You’ll no longer feel frustrated and upset because you finally know what you had to do.

Instead, you’ll discover the hidden Divine gifts and talents your soul is here to share… and you’ll know exactly what steps to take to activate your Divine potential and make your dreams come true.

You’ll discover how much easier life is when abundance and prosperity flow towards you, along with all the resources you need to catapult yourself towards success.

But that’s not all.

Because instead of feeling unloved and unwanted, you’ll finally be accepted and appreciated by others.

If you’re not in a relationship, you’ll attract an incredible partner who loves and cherishes you.

If you are in a relationship, you’ll be astonished by the love, joy, and compassion that flow between you.

You’ll experience a deeper sense of connection and intimacy that brings you closer and closer each day.

Of course, you’ll also enjoy the fun and excitement that come when you receive unexpected cash gifts… exactly when you need them.

But it won’t stop there, because, in just a short time, you’ll discover how easy it is to attract an effortless flow of wealth into your life.

Every day you’ll be astonished while you receive cash from unexpected places… being presented with new career opportunities and clear any debt in your life.

You’ll finally be a master of your life, ready and willing to attract opportunities, synchronicities, and miracles.

I’ve seen dozens of people flood their chakras with healing energy straight from the Source and effortlessly manifest unexpected cash…

A dream job…

Your soul partner…

and much more.

On the other hand…

Maybe you’ll struggle with debt and scarcity…

And find yourself ruled by fear and anger…

Maybe you’ll feel unwanted, unable to cope with life’s challenges,
and plagued with unexplained health problems…

It’s a real possibility that you could end up convinced there’s no hope of your dreams coming true… trapped in a never-ending cycle of failure.

As incredible as this seems, it COULD happen.

And when you’re too scared to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary…

You are - without any question - your worst enemy.

You see, the Vibration Leap Program works.

Dozens of people have already seen life-changing results.

The problem is that even if you’re given the keys to success, sometimes there’s a little part of you that is terrified of success.

And when you’re too scared to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary…

You are - without any question - your worst enemy.

The Vibration Leap Program will only work if you take the time to read the book and listen to the audios. 

If you don’t put it into practice - NOTHING will change.

Let me tell you, I’ve seen it happen, and it’s the most devastating thing I’ve ever seen.

I REFUSE to let it happen to you. 

I’ve seen it happen too many times, which is why I decided as the creator of the Vibration Leap Program to do everything I can to make sure YOU get the results you desperately need.

That you don’t end up hating yourself because you failed - again.

I don’t want you to lose all hope that this life, this world, can be a better place - and that you can help it get there.

That’s why I decided to do everything I can to make sure every single person who buys the Vibration Leap Program follows through to the end.

I sent surveys to past customers… paid experts to examine why people don’t carry through things even when they desperately need help…

I sat for hours brainstorming with my team to help YOU get the life you deserve.

I discovered that as easy as the program is, many people felt all alone when they were going through it. 

It was hard for them to stick with it, even when they knew it would change their lives.

When I asked them, they told me they wanted someone who would be in their corner, but who would guide them through the seven chakra levels.

That’s when it hit me like a lightning bolt.

What if you could combine the incredibly effective techniques in the Vibration Leap Program…

… and add the power of personal coaching to it - without the coach?

You see, while listening to the audios will give you great results, we’ve found that having someone guide you through your transformation will help you manifest your dreams even faster.

That’s why we’ve created a special series of seven audios that feature guided solfeggio meditations.

Each audio contains a specific Solfeggio frequency designed to resonate with its corresponding chakra center…

… balancing your energy and ensuring your mind, body and spirit are in perfect harmony.

When that happens, the healing energies within the audios will penetrate deep int o your unconscious and conscious mind, unleashing a flood of abundance into your life.

You’ll experience the gentle and powerful presence of your awareness as you free yourself from thoughts, feelings, or actions that no longer serve you while exploring your energy centers, body, and inner knowing.

1st. Cosmic Liberation

The first audio, Cosmic Liberation, takes you on a deep journey that will help you cleanse feelings of guilt and rid yourself of fears.

Once you tear down the walls holding you back from success…

… you’re able to effortlessly manifest more wealth, happiness, and love into your life.

2nd. Sacred Ocean

The second audio is called The Sacred Ocean.

When you listen to its calming frequencies, you’ll release a burst of energy that clears your body of traumatic experiences and any destructive influences leftover from past events.

When that happens, the pain in your body will heal, your fear will be transformed into joy, and all your wishes will be granted. 

3rd. Miracle Awakening

The third audio, Miracle Awakening, helps enhance miracles in your life.

Once you begin listening, you’ll experience an astonishing clarity, awareness, and deep inner peace.

You’ll also enjoy a flood of creativity that activates your imagination, intention, and intuition…

… so that everything you do serves your highest and best purpose.

4th. Celestial Love

The fourth audio, Celestial Love, was designed to help you cultivate healthy relationships.

It’s perfect for healing problematic relationships with your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else in your social circle.

After listening to this ancient Solfeggio frequency, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see the understanding, tolerance, and love that blossom in even the most difficult relationships.

5th. Fountain of Purity

The fifth audio, Fountain of Purity, is all about helping you express yourself and find solutions to any challenges that come your way.

Some of the most brilliant minds have used this method to solve difficult problems, and now you’ll be able to do the same.

Once you listen to this guided meditation, you’ll be able to tap into your unconscious and solve even the most difficult problems… effortlessly.

6th. Divine Order

The sixth audio, Divine Order,  blast through harmful agendas of other people, places, and things.

You’ll be guided to the dimension your soul visits when you sleep, where you’ll communicate with your spirit guide and receive incredible insight and clarity about the journey ahead of you.

Instead of worrying about what the future will bring, you’ll be able to navigate your destiny with confidence and joy.

7th. Pure Radiant Miracle

The final audio, Pure Radiant Miracle, is the most powerful audio of all.

It lifts and inspires you and connects you to the Divine.

This frequency opens up the highest of your chakras - the crown chakra - making it possible for you to access abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and more.

By balancing and strengthening this chakra, you’ll easily connect with the Higher Power and receive the unconditional love waiting for you.

I’ve made it my mission to help as many people as possible to fulfil their destinies and:

  • Attract passionate, unconditional love.
  • Create prosperity that positively transforms you and everyone around you.
  • Love yourself fiercely.
  • Express yourself creatively while empowering others.
  • Feel healthy, vital, and alive.
  • …even faster!

    And since Vibration Ascension will help you double or even triple your success, it makes good sense to make sure everyone can afford to get access to it too.

    If you truly want to get the life you deserve, then the Vibration Ascension Program is the best way to make sure you succeed.

    Instead of falling into the same self-defeating trap that millions of other people find themselves trapped in, you’ll open yourself up to all the millions of possibilities the Universe has to offer you.

    Whether it’s love…





    Financial security…

    … or contributing to a brighter future for generations to come,

    The Vibration Ascension will help you become the person you were born to be.

    So now you know there’s a strong possibility you might end up failing…

    And you know there’s a proven solution that will make sure you’re able to take control of your destiny and manifest your dream life.

    The question is, what is freedom and success worth to you?

    I can tell you what I paid.

    I’ve paid over $10,000 to create this program so you don’t have to.

    Paying that much was a no-brainer.

    After all, when you do the math, it’s like paying a PENNY a day for thirty, forty, or fifty more years of absolute bliss.

    So, if you had to pay just half of that - $5,000 - then it would be an even better bargain.

    A quarter of that - $2500 - would be a steal.

    Ten percent of that - $1,000 - would be practically giving it away for just pennies a month.

    Truth be told I could charge that amount because it did cost a hefty amount to pay for experts to create the audios.

    I thought long and hard about it because, on the one hand, I’d love to make sure every single person gets a hold of this. On the other hand, I can’t give it away for free.

    At first, I figured I’d charge $250. That seemed fair enough, especially when it comes out to pennies a day for a lifetime of prosperity and abundance.

    Most people spend ten times that on a large cup of coffee.

    But then I thought about how hard it is for many people nowadays.

    So many people have lost their jobs, and are just struggling to stay afloat, that I felt I just had to lower the price just a bit more.

    So, I chopped it down to $67, and right away I knew that would allow everyone who wants to succeed a chance to try out the Vibration Ascension.

    Claim Your Vibration Ascension Program Only At $67!!

    Once again, you are backed by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee Protection.

    That means if for any reason you don’t see more abundance and prosperity in your life, all you have to do is contact [email protected], and we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.

    So, there’s no risk in giving the Vibration Ascension Program a try.

    But ju st so you know…

    This is a special upgrade offer that isn’t available anywhere else.

    So, if you delay there’s a good chance you’ll NEVER see this particular offer ever again.

    That means this is your LAST chance to upgrade at this price.

    There's a button below, that button is your key to guaranteed success.

    That button is your key to breaking free from the shackles of scarcity forever.

    That's your key to a better life.

    So hit that button right now and your account will be automatically upgraded to include this incredible offer.

    This isn't a hard decision.

    This is going to make sure you get all the results you want from the product you already bought.

    So, take a good look at the button below.

    Realize what it means.

    Your freedom, your dream life, and hit the button now and I'll see you on the other side.

    Claim Your Vibration Ascension Program Only At $67!!

    Check out what this people have experienced in their life!

    "My life changed drastically!"

    Vibration Ascension Program is truly one of the best investment I've ever made. At first I was skeptical since I am a beginner to all this spirituality experience. I have been using it for about two weeks now, and truthfully I am seeing Unbelievable results already. I've managed to land a job I've always wanted to do and the new colleagues I've met has great personality in them. These audios are great as I will tune into them everyday when I am resting on my couch, feeling calm, clear and energized. Thank you so much for giving us at such a reasonable pricing. I truly love it!

    Paul Simons New York, NY

    "I've never felt so energized and clear before!"

    My life was never smooth-sailing. I am a single dad and I have to work just to feed my children. Everyday I work so hard that I don't have time for myself. When I found out about this program, I didn't think much and went ahead and try with it. I was like :"WOW".  I can't believe this actually works so well for me. It's like magic. I trust the audios and listen calmly on my couch while my children are asleep. It's so relaxing, forcing the negative energies accumulated deep inside me out of my soul. I am on my 3rd week now and I got to say I've never felt so energized and recharged. This program is totally worth it!

    Paul Jones California, CA

    "I am attracting great things into my life!"

    I've been listening to the Vibration Ascension along with Vibration Leap Program over the past 2 months. Guess what? I felt so aligned with my energy centres and I've start to attract new career recently into my life. My vibration was raised much higher thanks to the specially engineered audios. I simply trust the audios by listening to them every day with patience. I finally start to receive positive results and I am satisfied with it! In addition, I may have attracted my love partner whom I've always wanted to meet. I am so eager to see what happen next. Trina, thanks so much for changing my life. I am really happy and I hope you can help more people out there with your worthy program!

    Sophia Mia Houston, TX

    "All I can say is this is truly remarkable!"

    Trina, thank you for this wonderful program. I've tried your Vibration Leap Program and after seeing positive results in my life, I've decided to invest in your Vibration Ascension Program. I was overjoyed I made a smart decision. I was shocked with the audios where the personal coach totally give me a whole new mind-blowing experience. Following the guide was so easy, relaxing and totally awesome. This audios are highly produced with correct frequencies. I been using for more than 3 months now and I am still tuning in daily. Life have never been better for me. Once again, thank you so much for this. You are truly an awesome person!

    Evelyn Harper Mississippi, MS

    Claim Your Vibration Ascension Program Only At $67!!

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