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Email 1:

Subject Lines: 

WARNING: Evil entities near you. Protect yourself immediately with this.

ALERT: Evil Spirits have latched on to you. Unhook Yourself Now!

EMERGENCY: Evil entities near you. Protect your inner light now! Protect Your Home From Evil Spirits!

*Note to affiliates: Remove WARNING/ALERT/ EMERGENCY to reduce unsubs and complaints.

Email Body:

If you're experiencing pain and suffering right now...

Not getting the opportunities you want,

Never having the right person come into your life,

or always feeling like your bank account is inching closer to zero,

it's not your fault.

It's because an evil spirit has latched on to you.

Follow these instructions now to cleanse and protect yourself.

These instructions will give your soul the divine light and guidance that's needed to banish these evil entities.

With this, you'll be able to heal from within,

and attract all the love and wealth you've always dreamed of.

Banish these evil entities now.

~Sign Off~

Email 2:

Subject Lines: 

It followed me. I found an evil portal in my home. It was possessed...

I was stalked. They found me in my home… and it possessed my basement!

I was stalked by an evil force... And it made a portal in my home!

Email Body:

%FIRSTNAME%, This dark force was following me everywhere I went, and it ruined my life.

I couldn't find love, happiness, or wealth... because this evil spirit was latched on to me, and I was hopeless...

Until I used this to cleanse my spirit… and break it’s grip on my life! 

Everyone that I loved had left me… no one wanted to hire me… and every night
I would be tortured with horrific nightmares, 

that left me in a pool of cold sweat.

I just found out that once these dark forces grab a hold of your life… you begin to
experience misfortune and misery anywhere you go.

But here’s how you can break it’s grip on your life, and step into the divine light of salvation… 

Attracting all the love and wealth you could ever dream of!

Use this 2000 year old secret to banish these evil entities now!

~Sign Off~

Email 3:

Subject Lines: 

Help me. They found my address. I can't run anymore.

“It’s in my basement! Help me, please!”

The Evil Spirit found my postal code! It’s in my basement.

Email Body:

When you’re experiencing suffering and misfortune… 

And you feel like nothing is going your way.

It’s because there’s an evil spirit that’s stalking you. It’s following you everywhere you go.

And it’s negative energy attracts bad luck… causing your bosses to hate you…
and everyone around you to look at you like a stranger.

It’s not your fault. I know what you’re going through

When I found an evil portal in my home… and my life was instantly cursed!

Here’s how you can check your home for evil portals now.

Once you find these portals…

I’ll show you a way to become immune to these evil spirits.

So that you can live that life of your dreams!

~Sign Off~

Email 4:

Subject Lines: 

Powerful Evil Spirits Are Turning Your Life Upside Down.

Want to get rid of the EVIL SPIRITS that are ruining your life?

Evil Spirits Do THIS to ruin your life.

Email Body:

The reason why you're suffering now is because of the evil spirits that are stuck to you.

They latch on to you, holding you down.

They stop you from getting the paychecks that you deserve, they take away
all the love that you crave, and they are always following you wherever you go.

I even found one in my home in the middle of the night.

Find out how to purge yourself from these spirits before they're latched on to you for life.

These evil spirits are like vampires with teeth lodged deep into your soul.

But there's hope.

I found a divine light is going to help you remove these twisted fangs from your soul,
and heal your wounds from within.

Only then will you experience all the love, wealth and abundance that you've always dreamed of.

Purge yourself from these evil spirits now.

~Sign Off~

Email 5:

Subject Lines: 

I was a puppet on strings to this evil spirit. (you could be too).

I was manipulated by this evil spirit. ( you could be too)

This Evil Spirit took control of my life. ( it might be using you too )

Email Body:

There were voices in my head… and I had no control over my life.

I tried to improve my life… but I was met with bad luck and misfortune at every turn.

I was a failure... I couldn’t even hold down a job.

I felt so isolated from everyone in my life… even my own family.

But, I saw how others could easily attract love and success into their life almost effortlessly.

This was when I heard the evil voice laughing in my head…

and he told me that he was ruining my life and loved how much of a failure I was.

I was a puppet on strings to this evil spirit.

But there’s hope… I found a way to cut off his strings…

You can start to attract the love and wealth you’ve always dreamed of.

Please set your soul free and reclaim everything that you deserve. 

Cut off his connection to you and stop him from draining your life away now.

~Sign Off~

Email 6:

Subject Lines: 

The devil broke my life. And tore it into a million pieces

The Devil Turned My Life Upside Down 

The devil tore my life into a million pieces. Protect yourself now.

Email Body:

I shot up in a cold sweat… I had the worst nightmare of my life.

He changed me… took away everything that I loved.

I was almost possessed… and I felt shaken to the core.

There was this dark, heavy energy following me around everywhere I went.

People started turning their heads to look at me as if I was some sort of freak… it was as if I went crazy overnight.

After this nightmare…

I lost my job, my home, and my fiance in just a few months.

But there’s hope.

You can escape the slavery of this evil spirit… and walk into this divine cleansing light!

This light will burn away this evil spirit that’s haunting you… leaving you free from it’s grip.

And once you’re free… you’ll be able to get all the love and success you’ve ever dreamed of!

Cleanse yourself of this dark energy hanging over you now.

Banish the Evil Spirit!

~Sign Off~

Email 7:

Subject Lines: 

Your Soul has been infected! Heal your life force now.

This Diseased and Corrupted Spirit has entered your life. 

Is Your Soul Infected With Evil Spirits?

Email Body:

Evil Spirits are draining your energy… infecting every cell of your body… turning it into it’s breeding ground of suffering and misery.

Every time you fail… this Evil Spirit laughs and grows stronger.

It loves to see you in pain.

It’s bleeding you out day by day… pulling you away from your dreams,

Until your life becomes a living nightmare.

I lost my fiancé. I lost my home. And I lost my career all because of this infected spirit!

But I found a 2000 year old secret to banish this evil spirit once and for all!

You’ll be able to break free from it’s strings and enjoy the life of love and wealth that you’ve always dreamed of…

No more bad luck, no more heartbreaks.

Banish the evil spirit now with this 2000 year old secret!

~Sign Off~

Email 8:

Subject Lines: 

Burn the Evil Spirits that haunted you all your life!

Expose The Evil Spirits Haunting Your Life!

Cleanse yourself from The Evil Spirit now!

Email Body:

If you feel like you’re suffering right now… an Evil Spirit might be following you.

When an Evil Spirit is attached to you…

You’ll feel rotten on the inside,

Nothing in life goes your way… you lose jobs, you experience heartbreak, and you feel empty on the inside.

This Evil Spirit feeds on your suffering… and gets stronger when you’re miserable.

Until you burn it away… and cleanse yourself from this Evil Spirit.

Once you shine a special divine light on this Evil Spirit…

The Evil Spirit will have no choice but to let go of you and set you free!

Surrender to the light… and banish this Evil Spirit once and for all!

When you’re free from this Evil Spirit… you’ll feel joy enter your life.

You’ll feel full of divine energy giving you energy every day…

And you’ll never have to worry about money again.

Use this 2000 year old secret to banish these evil entities now!

~Sign Off~